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HRiQ™ by IQ Dynamics, a robust HR Software in Singapore, empowers your organization with rich HR functionalities and extensive HR capabilities from HR flexibility, accelerated automation, powerful augmented analytics, comprehensive workflow, with digital dynamics experiences in daily HR operations to Talent cultivation/ nurturing.

How HRiQ Amplify Productivity In A Global Manufacturing Organization

Empower HR with highly flexible HR solution and analytics

Take your HR journey with HRiQ, a customizable HR software aim to meet each organization unique needs, with a strong emphasis on automation and configurable modules from core to talent. Ensuring that processes and operations are effectively enhanced to promote the growth of murata’s talent pool and automate complex functions, all while maintaining high performance and usability standards.

Harness the Full Power of Employee Experience

HRiQ, being locally owned and managed, has the capability to understand and relate HR pain points and translate these into effective solution on the backend and front end. Establishing a comprehensive HR and Talent suite that enable seamless communications between employee and HR practitioners through effective data transfer between each modules. Providing a unified user experience while ensuring organization success is effectively mapped out within HRiQ, resulting in the highest retention of talent and seamless core HR activities.

Unparalleled Reliability In Your HR Transformation Journey With HRiQ

Dedicated in supporting organization through all challenges. HRiQ is committed to fully understand your business goals and holding ourselves accountable to them, ensuring that we go above and beyond to assist you. Facilitating a transformation journey that begins at the core through deep diving and customization without compromising on your daily HR functions and operations. Offering stable performance, comprehensive support, scalability, security, and integration capabilities. Any HR concerns are addressed and rectified to ensure that processes contribute to elevating organizational success.

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IQ Dynamics Grew Up Providing Solutions With In-Depth HR and Technology Domain Experiences in Singapore

IQ Dynamics pride itself being a home-grown Singapore based organization with his 28 years of in-depth HR experience in providing HR practitioners with robust and limitless business software solution suited to enterprises starting from 200 staff strength, across single to multiple entities.


What Clients Say About Us

Ambitious Customization Achievable with IQ Dynamics Team

We are satisfied with the system and services provided by IQ Dynamics and will recommend HRiQ Human Capital Management Solution to other companies looking for similar HR solutions. Looking forward to a long term working partnership with IQ Dynamics.



Strong Support Team, Meticulous & Careful With Regards to Requirement & Questions

The HRiQ Team is very helpful in explaining various functionalities of the software and guides us to map our functional requirements against the software available functions. The team is careful and meticulous with regards to our requirements and questions…prompt with replies and constantly on their schedule and progress.



Responsive and Knowledgeable With Requirements

IQ Dynamics is well equipped with technical knowledge related to the performance management system, very responsive in handling enquiries and issues. We will continue to count on their knowledge and experience in HR related matters.



Smooth Transition With High Level of Professionalism in HR Domain

IQ Dynamics team manage to transition from our exsiting HR solution to HRiQ. We are happy with IQ Dynamics HRiQ system. HRiQ solution resulted in a better HR process in our organization. We are happy with the system and services provided and will not hesitate to recommend HRiQ Human Capital Management Solution to other companies looking for similar HR solutions.



Detailed Findings and Resolving It Timely

High level of professionalism with detailed explanation on the findings and resolving issues on a timely manner within short period of time. The transition into HRiQ was succesful especially excel project which needs to be migrated. HRiQ portal system is flexible which allow us to add more information in the e-system and cater to our needs.



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Everything You Need for Strategic Talent Development and Effective HR Administration

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The Complete
People Solution

Discover how HRiQ™ HR capital software enable your workforce to stay connected, engaged and supported

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Stay updated with the best HR software in Singapore with our webinar. Sharing of the latest HR trends and efficient people management tips. Deep dive with HRiQ™ to stay informed of HR practitioner’s ideation & effective execution methods.

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