7 Advantages of Upgrading Your HR Software To An Integrated Talent Management System

With human assets taking the critical role in contributing to business success, HR leaders face the strategic challenge of managing their talent pool while optimizing the routine to specialized HR operations.


Automation is no longer about the haphazard implementation of multiple HR products which works in silos and limits itself to the basic HR functions. 

To succeed in the current economy, what companies need is a robust and integrated HRMS which efficiently and holistically manages the talent pipeline across the whole gamut of functions – be it day-to-day operations, recruitment, induction, performance management, training or career and succession planning.

Here are the 7 key advantages that need to be considered when it comes to making the decision of upgrading the HR software to a full spectrum integrated talent management system:

1.  Complete Sync-up of HR and its Management

Irrespective of the location and business functions, all the personnel data is integrated to the HR functions through a highly reliable data bank. The secure portal platform unifies employees and their managers, connecting them 24X7 anywhere, for effective functioning and business success. With the entire work-cycle tuned well with the employee information, high performance across the organization becomes the order of the day.

2.  Strategic HR Management

The right HR solution does more than automating the daily HR operations; it sets the strategic direction for the company by closely integrating training management, performance appraisal, workforce planning, talent management et al. It taps the strategic potential of the organization’s HR leaders in contributing to workforce productivity and organizational success by freeing them off mundane administrative tasks.

3.   Attract, Train and Retain the Best Talent

End-to-end recruiting tools reduce the turn-around time and help in online job posting to attract the best talent, filtering candidates, scheduling interviews and hiring the right fit. Planned headcount, workflow supported procedures and interactive appraisal processes ensure workforce optimization, employee motivation, rewarding and retaining the talent to nurture a performance-driven corporate culture.

4.  Actionable Insights, Informed Decisions

The top management and HR executives are better prepared to respond to the trends in a way that would benefit the organization, as they get valuable insight into predictive analytics, much ahead of the time. The potent solution makes the company employee-centric and ensures achievement of a higher ROI on the human capital.

5.  Operate to Peak Potential

The smooth interfacing with the organization’s existing software and hardware systems from other functional areas like marketing, finance and accounting, keeps the learning curve short as employees’ individual capabilities are converted into organizational competencies. The interactive platform gives a personalized experience to employees as they explore and match the organization’s opportunities and challenges with their skills, strengths and motivations. With employees taking a proactive role in their job responsibilities and career growth, it is one sure path for the organization’s continued success.

6.  Secure, Robust and Cloud-Ready

Extending an unmatched mobility and flexibility to the employees and managers to access the HRMS on-the-go ensures that they are prepared for whatever the work day throws at them. The seamless accessibility from smartphones and tablets empowers the workforce and breaks all the limitations while using the strategic HR management system.

7.  Proven Success of a Robust Integrated HR and Talent Management System

However detailed and sophisticated the HRMS might be, the ultimate litmus test lies in the extent of customer base and user acceptance levels. Nothing better can tilt a HR leader’s decision to go for it! 

The senior management of any organization can no longer afford to overlook the competitive edge provided by a proven integrated HR and talent management system, more so with regard to the human resources – the most volatile and valuable of all corporate assets.

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