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At iqDynamics, we recognize that customers will derive the full benefits of their investment if we provide the complete services to take advantage of the software. It takes more than just great software.

Professional Services, Support Services and IT Managed Services help end-users benefit from the software effectively and assures them of future enhancements when the business environment changes. HR Outsourcing Service will provide the objectives of minimal investment in hardware, software and IT or HR personnel yet producing the same results while you focus on strategic HR functions.

  • Professional Services

  • Support Services

  • HR Outsourcing

  • IT Managed Services


We provide customized project implementation services and training services to our customers based on their concerns and issues faced.

  • Project Implementation Services

    With extensive experience specializing in enterprise applications, iqDynamics consultants are experts at implementing, customizing, and maintaining packages – as well as integrating them with other business applications – to provide optimal access to, and utilization of business information.

    Based on a distributed delivery model, robust quality management processes with high reusability factor and from our expertise in focused industries, we deliver solutions faster and more effectively to our customers.

    We listen to your ideas, delve into your concerns, and consider every aspect of the problem – from the underlying business processes to the importance of change management to the merits of various technologies.

    We then recommend unique information systems that move your business forward and yield a measurable return on investment.

    Combined with our strong Project Management methodology under our highly experienced Project Managers, we deliver end-to-end solutions with our consulting services.



    Our Implementation Services include:

    • Requirements Analysis & Definition
    • Conceptual Design
    • Detailed Specifications
    • Change Management
    • Data Migration Integration
    • Interfacing Project Management
  • Training Services

    iqDynamics Training Services are designed to help the users understand and use the software products better, ensuring that you realize the full potential of the software. Our professional and certified instructors provide the necessary knowledge transfer that is highly essential in the implementation of an information system across the enterprise.

    We provide training of software products using our training facilities located in our offices. On-site training to the clients as well as offering training based either on scheduled generic classroom training courses and customized training to address the needs for specific clients.

    Our training methodology combines teaching in the classroom with hands-on training of the products. Our training consultants are experienced in implementing the products for various clients and hence we can boast of trainers who understand the user’s requirements in using the products with certified and experience trainers to provide training.


We place high importance with our on-going customer support care services to deliver the utmost quality service to solve all your queries.

  • Support Services

    Customer Support after-the-implementation is a major part of success of information systems implementation. We place a huge importance to the on-going support services to the clients using our solutions. With our solid commitment to providing our customers the care they need and enhanced services to make their jobs firmly in hand, we take customer support to task.

  • Our Customer Care Program provides flexible, friendly, and uniquely focused solutions, including emergency support. Our support services are offered for the various products and solutions we have implemented to our clients.

    Our support services include an extensive support service level agreement report on our performance of response and resolution made to our customers. iqDynamics place extensive focus and transparency in the support we provide for our customers.

    We also provide support services to our customers for the development projects we have done for them.

  • Our support comes in various forms, such as:
    • User Support via email, fax, telephone
    • Technical Support via email, fax, telephone, internet
    • Remote Support via various means of communication
    • Onsite Support
    • Online Support
  • Support Online

    iqDynamics Support Online is an online customer support mechanism designed to support existing customers in a timely manner and to ensure follow-up action.

    • Tracks the response/action for each support request
    • Centralizes and shares the details of the support requests from the same source
    • Provides the up-to-date list of support requests as and when needed
    • Improves customer service with a better way of controlling and monitoring the support request raised
    • To register, please email to or submit an enquiry.


    iqDynamics has a pre-defined set of rules, forms, process and procedure for providing support to the customers and with this process in place, we are proud to achieve the necessary customer satisfaction. With necessary tracking & escalation process in place, the client can be rest assured that their support calls would be attended to in proper channel and time.

    We offer several maintenance & support packages giving the customers the choice to decide on the necessary package depending on their needs.


Payroll Outsourcing, Leave Administration, Claims Outsourcing, HR Advisory Services

Does your business wish list look similar to this?

  • I need a dedicated team to handle my payroll
  • I need professional advice on my staff appraisal process
  • I need a good HR software to replace manual tracking

  • As part of SPRING Singapore’s on-going move to support SMEs in growing their business, you can now receive funding support* for a host of HR Outsourcing and HR Shared Services which can back up and strengthen your HR team by providing efficient HR operational assistance.
  • As a service provider appointed by SPRING Singapore for HR Outsourcing and HR Shared Services, our team is ready to offer you the utmost support in Payroll OutsourcingLeave Administration, Claims Outsourcing Services and HR Advisory Services. With our help, you can then free up your own resources to focus on important business functions and strategic HR capabilities such as training development or attracting a good talent pool with our associate company PayDynamics.
  • Payroll Outsourcing

    By engaging the services of our dedicated payroll outsourcing team, you can free up and channel your own resources to more critical and strategic HR functions. Our team has many years of experience in managing payroll and extremely familiar with Singapore’s income and tax regulations, so you can rest assured that your payroll is in good hands.

  • Leave Administration Services

    Perform leave administrator function to update and maintain the leave records of employee. Perform year-end leave migration for new calendar. You will never be worried with tedious leave records and administration processes with our team of HR professional whom provide outsourcing services to support your HR and management team.  We are ready to support you with advice and consultation on leave administrations.

  • Claims Outsourcing Services

    Facing issues with multi-currency claims? Verification of documents to ensure compliance of receipt if it’s taxable or non-taxable? Constant update of claims limits or exception? We offer extensive services to cater to issues pertaining to claim. We solve your everyday pain and are capable to process multi-currency claims be it medical, dental or other expenses. These claims are being categorized with proper original receipt and authentication of the receipts. All in all we manage your claims and make sure proper workflow is in place to ensure full compliance from submission of claims, verification, and approval on claims. 

  • HR Advisory Services

    Our team of HR professionals have years of extensive experience in all areas of HR,  general management and HR operations stand ready to provide a full range of consultation, advisory and administrative support to your HR and management team.  With our experience, we are ready to support you with advice and consultation on HR operational functions, management and organizational issues, manpower planning and development, streamlining HR processes, implementation of HR policies and practices and local regulatory issues.

  • Benefits

    Take advantage of HR Outsourcing Services be it Payroll Outsourcing, Leave Administration, Claims Outsourcing, HR Advisory to improve your HR operations and enjoy saving on costs and resources required to support these necessary tasks with SPRING Singapore funding support scheme.

    In the long run, you will not only enjoy savings in costs and resources, but also a happier, more motivated workforce, better work productivity and ultimately better business results.

    Funding support for HR Outsourcing and HR Advisory Services is provided from SPRING Singapore for up to 40% of qualifying costs.

    To learn more about our HR Outsourcing Services be it Payroll Outsourcing, Leave Administration, Claims Outsourcing or HR Advisory, for funding support and eligibility terms, please call us at +65 6594 4151 or enquire now for attractive benefits.


We add value to your business with IT Managed Services, keeping your IT systems available and running.

  • IT Managed Services

    In the area of IT System Services, we provide on-going services to ensure you have a secure IT environment. Ranging from IT managed services, IT help desk services, IT monitoring and planning, IT systems consultancy, network planning to IT services including system setup and installation, monitoring, hosting, backup and disaster recovery services, these are delivered in collaboration with our subsidiary company, I-Net Dynamics, so that we can provide you a seamless service as a whole entity.


    With this, we can be your “One-stop Strategic IT partner”, capable of providing end-to-end complete solutions. The result of this is tremendous and beneficial to you. Instead of having to deal with many providers for your IT projects, we will now have a single window for this.

    Our suite of IT services is designed and priced based on flexibility and affordability.

    • Proactive IT Management
    • 24×7 Advanced Performance Monitoring
    • Server/ workstation Configuration Management
    • Microsoft and 3rd Party Patch Management
    • Real Time Server Optimization
    • Scheduled Preventative Maintenance
    • Firewall/ router and Switch Performance Monitoring
    • Anti-Spam/ Anti-Virus Monitoring and Management
    • Backup Performance Monitoring
    • Scheduled Backup Jobs
    • Data Center Replication and Disaster Recovery

    There are other services and products that I-Net Dynamics specializes in including Disaster Recovery, Offsite Backup, Application and Virtual Machine Hosting, Office 365 and Microsoft Dynamics GP.

  • For more information, please visit I-Net Dynamics.

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