Preschool Management System

Kindergartens find themselves with an increasing need of a system that would help them manage their students’ study load, their teachers' schedules and finally to solve the school’s administrative headaches. Millions of dollars have been spent trying to develop the right system to manage all these. Millions of dollars have been used and wasted to find that perfect solution.

At iqDynamics, we have developed the solution to all these problems.

iqKidz Preschool Management System  

iqKidz Preschool Management System caters to kindergartens and childcare centers to help them with their problems. It is designed to meet the increasing technological demands and needs of an educational institution of different landscapes, developed based on experience and an in-depth knowledge of school management.

iqKidz, with its stimulating suite of fully integrated, yet modular modules, manages your front and back office operations more efficiently. This results in greater control of your functions and adds value and benefit to your staff and students with just one system.

iqKidz modules help you manage all aspects of your kindergarten / child-care center / pre-school:

Student  |  Fees and Payments

Courses  |  Teachers

Classes  |  Students/Parents Portal