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HRiQTM Human Capital Management Solution

Enables Effective Human Resource Planning and Intelligent Talent Management

HRiQTM Human Capital Management Solution is a powerful HR software for effective human resource planning and intelligent talent management for your company.  We enable you to optimize and enhance the best of your talent.

Competition in the marketplace demands that businesses pay more attention to managing human capital while effectively delivering on the company's growth and expansion objectives.

Our HRMS solution gives your organization the tools and services needed to automate transactional processes that will enhance productivity and provide timely and critical information for key decision-making, thus effectively managing human capital.

Components of HRiQ Human Capital Management Solution

  • HRiQ Core – Powerful HRMS software modules aimed at improving productivity and driving business success.

  • HRiQ Talent – A suite of management tools that synchronizes organizational visibility and coalesces your talent management strategy.

  • HRiQ Employee Portal – Secure platform for employees and managers to access personalized role-specific content, company information and support services. 

  • Human Capital Analytics and Planning – Analytic tools and metrics to drive better manpower planning, budgeting and business decisions.

Together, these components make up HRiQ Human Capital Management Solution, an enterprise-grade HRMS software that delivers an integrated solution to assist in developing your talent for positive performance and growth.

Our HRMS software has been integrated with Core management modules such as Leave, Payroll, Attendance, Overtime and Timesheet and Benefits and Claims

The Talent component features management functions that synchronizes organizational visibility and your talent management strategy.

Why choose HRiQ as your integral Human Resource Management Solution (HRMS)?